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We are always looking to appoint Stockists that are passionate and enthusiastic about timeless beautiful children clothes. They should run beautiful independent shops specialising in children's wear
or similar complementary professions. Knowledge of style is essential – a Stockists’ shop should be stylish and
offer inspiration.------------
We have a very strong relationship with our Stockists and spend a lot of time supporting them. 
The Key Requirements to Become an Bianca Miele Stockist:
     - You must have an independent retail location
     - Your shop must be open and trading in order to be considered.
     - Applications lacking an address will not be considered. 
The main highlights of the 2022 collection are:
  •  - All our dresses are available in two different styles; The Heirloom style is the 
  •   classic one-piece Communion dress and the versatile Contemporary style that
  •   features one bodice with two detachable skirts ; One long, with the statement
  •   look of a formal Communion dress and one short skirt for a more casual dress
  •   that can be used at the reception or at any other occasion in the child’s life. 
  •  -All dresses are available in white and ivory color.
  •  -Exceptional quality and perfect dress-fitting!
  •  -As ever, we offer all our dresses in bigger sizes for older girls 12-13 & 13-14
  •   years
  •  -Delightful accessories at very commercial prices



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