Get to know the brand that has arrived to reflect the sweetness of childhood

After ten exciting years living in London, in 2015, Mara John decided to create Bianca Miele London, to produce special occasion clothes that reflect the sweetness of childhood and is manufactured in a fair and ethical way. Bianca Miele is a Britain based brand, whose clothing is made in Spain using the highest quality material sourced from Spain, UK and Italy.

The story of Bianca Miele is the story of a dream treasured for long time;  The dream of creating and design. Mara’s strong inclination towards design right from her childhood, but it was not until she lost her loved sister she understood life was too short to delay following her dreams. Mara’s sister was a talented artist who made amazing pieces that combined all sort of materials and textures.

Mara’s inspiration comes from being a mum of three amazing girls, from her large family with a combined heritage from Spain and South America and from her childhood filled with breath-taking views and narrow streets that evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

This nostalgic inspiration is evident in her designs that keep the essence of timeless clothing .“We enjoy seeing our children dreaming and being dressed for those special moments that will be treasured as unforgettable memories ”.

Bianca Miele is well known for its beautiful designs for special occasions such as Christening, Weddings and Holy Communions for children from 3 months up to 15 years old. Our clothing is just the tangible expression of those dreams and memories. We truly believe that each dress secretly has its own story and ours have been made to start a new story with very special little people on an unforgettable day of their lives. We make stories from dresses... come and find yours!


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